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Hello All,


Your sense of safety and well being is important!  So I wanted to let you know our shared space plan to care for your health as best we can in this new and changing reality of the pandemic.


We are not panicking and encourage you not to do so either (as best you can!).  Remember to pause and breathe every time you begin to get ahead of yourself with what ifs and worst case scenarios.  A few other things to ease your mind… 

  • I will remain present at the office and available for sessions as usual so long as we are healthy.  

  • I will absolutely cancel sessions should I feel ill.  

  • I encourage you to cancel sessions if you become sick.  

  • I/we are wiping down all surfaces in our office suite each day.   


as a shared suite space, we currently don’t have large volumes of people in at once, so it still feels like a pretty safe place to be.  We currently have approximately 6 - 15 people come through our office during the course of a normal working day.


Fear decreases your immune system.  

The belief that you are healthy, safe, and well enhances your immune system!  Belief is more than a thought - it’s a whole body experience and it is a state of mind.  

To support your whole self in believing this truth, practice stating (quietly or aloud) I am healthy, safe and well …

  • Close your eyes

  • Envision yourself happy & healthy, perhaps glowing with light, and / or doing something you love!

  • Feel your body light and vibrant with energy

  • Smile! (feel and see yourself smiling!)

  • Allow yourself to feel gratitude for your health! 


Love and Light to each of you!  


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