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Suzanne Peart, RN

Suzanne has been a registered nurse for 30 years. She has committed her life to being a healer of the mind, body, spirit, and of the soul. Her passion for helping others arose at a very young age, it continues to grow, stemming from a deep, intuitive and spiritual place.


Over the course of her nursing career, and in doing her own deep personal work, she learned how important holistic practices, outside of modern medicine or as an adjunct to, including self love, self care and mindfulness are in creating a healthier you and an overall sense of well being.


She encompasses the whole self in her practice by using integrative modalities as intuitively driven, to guide and assist individuals in finding their own path to healing.


Suzanne is a Holistic Practitioner, an Intuitive Healer, Reiki Master, Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach and Certified Integral Sound Healing Practitioner. In sessions she offers Reiki energy healing, chakra balancing, crystal energy healing, sound healing, & oracle card reading.


Love is the most healing force in the world; nothing goes deeper than love. It heals not only the body, not only the mind, but also the soul.    ~Osho~

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